Sub-working committee on Policy and Standard


Libraries in HEI of the private sector come in many forms and sizes. Types and levels of services too vary from one to  another. The Working Group for the private HEI librarians proposed  that guidelines  and standards  be drawn with the objective of setting minimum standards for all HEI private  libraries, to  be followed by all concerned institutions .With  benchmarks and best practices disseminated for all libraries to emulate librarians and libraries will hopefully be given the budget considerations and rightful placements in all non –governmental HEI planning.


These guidelines address library and information services from the following perspectives:

  1. Information Resources (collection) to reflect the institutional needs for academic and non academic resources
  2. Staffing .Minimum of  professionals
  3. Services needed of an academic Library
  4. Budget according to size of institution
  5. Access. Use of technology
  6.  Environment



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  1. Draft Proposal on Standards for Libraries in Private Institutions of Higher Education (Malaysia) 2013 prepared by Asia e-University Knowledge Centre
  2. Standard Perpustakaan Bagi Kolej dan Universiti Swasta - PERPUN (edisi Mei 2002)
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