Sub-working committee on Collaboration, New Services and Development



To promote collaboration on information resources, library services and expertise among IPTS libraries.


  1. Resource sharing other than subscription of online databases.
    1. InterLibrary Loan & Document Delivery
    2. Use of library
    3. Promote sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practices among IPTS libraries.
    4. Develop and maintain the KKPI websites.
      1. List of gift and exchange
      2. Directory of IPTS libraries
      3. Minutes of meetings
      4. List of library vendors
      5. Organize training and workshop for IPTS libraries
      6. Promote collaboration with other parties eg. PERPUN, PNM,PPM etc.


Jawatankuasa Kecil Kolaborasi dan Pembangunan

Encik Mohd Rozan Ab. Mutalib (INTI,Subang) - Ketua

1. Encik Kamarul Ariffin Mohd Yusof (UNITAR)

2. Puan Nurul Izzati Mohd Ajis (MSU)

3. Encik Fazli Mat Doa (QIUP)


1. Minit Mesyuarat Kumpulan Kerja Kolaborasi, Perkhidmatan Baru dan Pembangunan (1/12)


Laporan Kumpulan Kerja Kolaborasi, Perkhidmatan Baru dan Pembangunan

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